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The 5 Different Showerhead Types and Basic Installation

You want to install a new shower head, but you don’t know exactly what you want. Sometimes, it’s a simple project where you remove the shower head with a wrench and replace it with a new head within less than 20 minutes.

Other times, you’ll find that the new head doesn’t fit exactly right, or that you wanted something a little different than what you purchased.

Before you begin with changing shower heads, it’s important to decide what type you would like:

  • Single-function: These are standard, basic, everyday heads. This are uncomplicated and provide the same spray time after time.
  • Multi-function: Homeowners that like diversity will find that the multi-function head is ideal. This shower head offers rain shower, hard pulses of water perfect for relieving muscle tension and a variety of other settings.
  • Hand Showers: Removable. Hand showers are a great way to wash and allow for movement versatility when washing. These heads can be mounted and removed to act like a normal shower head and a hand shower when needed.

These are the main shower head options you’ll find. However, there are also more luxurious options available that will require either a new shower installation or a luxury shower. These options include:

  • Rain: Normally located on the ceiling of the shower, rain shower heads produce a rain effect when showering and are static. These heads are often accompanied with a normal showerhead.
  • Body Sprays: Located in the walls of the shower. These sprays shoot out streams of water horizontally and are always accompanied with a traditional shower head for the utmost in convenience and comfort.

Installing rain or body spray heads can be a huge undertaking that may require professional assistance to ensure a proper installation.

Replacing Normal Showerheads

It’s important that you read shower head reviews before making your purchase. You want to ensure that your desired head is easy to install and that buyers didn’t have to modify their current setup to accommodate the new shower head.

Tools You’ll Need

There aren’t many tools you’ll need to take off a showerhead. You’ll need the following:

  • Channel-locking pliers.
  • Teflon tape

Removing the Old Showerhead

Removal is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Using the pliers, turn the showerhead counter-clockwise.
  2. Remove the showerhead.
  3. Dry the threads on the shower arm.

This is all you need to do to successfully remove the showerhead. You’ll want to pay close attention to the amount of pressure you use when unscrewing the showerhead. If too much pressure is applied to the shower arm (the protruding metal piece that the head attaches to), it can break.

Installing the New Showerhead

Once the head is off, you’ll basically be following the above steps but in reverse. Installation requires you to

  1. Place the Teflon tape around the threads that are found on the shower arm.
  2. Thread the new showerhead by turning it clockwise. This can be done with your hands.
  3. Finish tightening with the pliers.

Using Teflon tape is essential because it will prevent water from leaking out of the threads that keep the shower head in place.

After you have successfully installed the new showerhead, you’ll want to turn on the water and test it to make sure that there are no apparent leaks. When the water is on, you’ll want to inspect the shower arm where the head connects to spot leaks. In the event that a leak occurs, you’ll want to shut off the water and repeat the steps above while ensuring the shower arm and head have threads that are fully dry.

Adding additional Teflon tape is often all that’s needed for a snug, no-drip fit.

That’s it. That is how simple it is to install a single- or multi-function showerhead. You can now install your new showerhead within 10 minutes as long as the old head comes off easily.

7 Reasons to Own the Best Smart Thermostat

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7 Reasons to Own the Best Smart Thermostat

Thinking of buying a smart thermostat? Wi-Fi, or smart, thermostats can help you save money on your energy bills, reduce your environmental impact and offer a host of other benefits. Here are seven reasons to own the best thermostat.

1.    You’ll Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Smart thermostats help you cut back on your energy costs each month. As a home automation system, these thermostats can be programmed to adjust your home’s temperature according to your own schedule.

The best thermostats, like the Nest, will use motion sensors to detect when you’re not home, and adjust your home’s temperature accordingly. Why spend money heating or cooling an empty house?

According to Nest, homes with gas and electric heating/cooling systems can reduce their energy usage by 9.6% and 17.5% respectively. That equates to well over $100 in savings each year.

Smart thermostats may also display the local weather conditions and humidity levels to help you find an optimal temperature. The Nest displays a little green leaf each time you choose an energy efficient temperature, so you know that you’re on the right track.

Simply put, the best smart thermostat is designed to save you money on your energy costs each year.

2.    You Can Adjust Them Remotely

Provided you connect your thermostat to your Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to control your home’s temperature remotely from your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

So, if you’re running late from work, you can adjust your home’s temperature from your smartphone, so you don’t wind up heating or cooling an empty home.

If you decide to take an impromptu lunch at home, you can adjust the temperature on your way home, so your home is comfortable when you arrive.

Many smart thermostats will also send alerts to your smartphone or tablet to warn you of extreme temperatures in your home. Using the thermostat’s accompanying app, you can adjust the temperature accordingly to prevent overheating or overcooling your home.

3.    You Can Track Your Energy Usage

Track your energy usage

The best Wi-Fi thermostat will offer you a detailed energy usage history, so you can keep tabs on how much energy you’re using and when. The more information you have about your usage, the easier it will be to make adjustments and save even more money each month.

4.    You Can Create Personalized Schedules

Smart thermostats allow you to create personalized schedules, so your energy usage adjusts automatically with your everyday activities. When you leave for work, you can program the thermostat to adjust the temperature accordingly. You can even program the thermostat to raise or lower the temperature at night, and spring back into action when you wake up in the morning.

With a smart thermostat, you can cut back on your energy usage without having to sacrifice on comfort.

5.    You’ll Receive Important Alerts

Not only can a Wi-Fi thermostat warn you of extreme temperatures inside of your home, but it can also let you know if extreme weather is headed your way. If so, you can make adjustments to your home’s temperature accordingly.

You’ll also be reminded when it’s time to perform routine maintenance, like changing your system’s filter. The reminders that are sent are based on your system’s actual usage, so you never waste money changing filters unnecessarily.

6.    Installation is Easy

Installing a Wi-Fi thermostat isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Most can be installed by the everyday homeowner. If an electrician is needed, the job is still quick and easy, which means you won’t spend a fortune to have your new thermostat installed.

7.    The Thermostat Will Pay for Itself Quickly

Let’s face it – smart thermostats are expensive. But they’re an investment that will pay for themselves rather quickly. If you can manage to install the thermostat yourself, it will pay for itself even faster.

With most models offering an energy savings of $100 or more per year, smart thermostats pay for themselves in two years or less.

Whether you choose the Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell or some other model, a smart thermostat will save you money on your energy bills each month. With the ability to adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world, track your energy usage, create personalized schedules and receive important alerts, Wi-Fi thermostats are a smart investment.