x800 flashlight shadowhawk

With increase terrorism in the domestic units and stricter laws, related to gun, many people are now looking for some better options in order to save themselves or their families from the crime. So, there is a solution, and it is the tactical flashlight. These flashlights are turning out to be more popular self-protection tools that can help in preventing the present panic events. There are some manufacturers that design such kind of flashlights. And among them, shadowhawk flashlights have show the most suitable results to the users. X800 Flashlight is the most preferred model to most of the customers,

Construction of X800

The model number X800 of ShadowHawk is created with military-standard aluminum that is a very hard material, found in many flashlights.  This is not only well-built, but also of less weight. Thus, for the everyday use, you can choose this flashlight of ShadowHawk.


Used for various purposes

X800 can be considered as your weapon, and not merely your flashlight.  The pointy border of bulb cover is an excellent part to break the glass. This can also be a good punch in the eye, when you are protecting yourself. Moreover, it is also quite bright for all the situations. For this reason, the soldiers and police officers like this tool for their purpose. The flashlight has been found to be very useful for both these professionals.


 Features for zooming

flashlight zooming feature

The feature of zooming may be present in some other flashlight. However, for X800, the maximum extent of zooming is very high, and it is about 2000X.  This feature is adjustable, and you can also choose either 1000X or 500X.


Brightness level

The most outstanding trait of the flashlight of ShadowHawk is the unbelievable capacity of its bulb. It can blast out at more than eight hundred lumens. In other words, it can become prominent among all other flashlights in the marketplace. To know how incredibly bright its light is, you can compare ShadowHawk with some other models, like Life Pro Flashlight (two hundred seventy lumens) and Porcupine (seventy lumens).


Warning for the users

Obviously, the model of ShadowHawk can be considered to be a diverse variety of flashlight. Its bulb, in fact, (known as XPE Lighting Class) is accessible only on X800.

However, one caution that you have to remember, while making use of X800 flashlight is that when you shine it in anyone’s eyes, you may make that person blind for temporary period. This strobe option is intended to damage the eye sight of an attacker, thus they cannot observe what they are performing, and it allows you securely run off. Thus, the ability of lighting is really enough to amaze anyone.


Some other specifications

  • It is made in the USA and is transported from a storehouse, located in California.
  • Works with AAA batteries with rechargeable features and thus you never need to change the battery once again
  • lamp life hours- 100,000

Thus, X800 is really incomparable model from ShadowHawk that can be used by many users.