About Me

Hi! My name is Val. I love flipping houses. A lot.

My love affair with flipping houses started when my husband and I bought our first single family home. We had just gotten married. We were a little strapped for cash. And we had to settle for a little bit less than our dream home. Okay, a lot less.

Then, it hit us. Why don’t we just turn our “okay” home into our dream home? I got the renovation bug and have been hooked ever since.

I quit my day job as a legal secretary, and now, my hubby Dan and I flip houses full-time. We love transforming homes from “just okay” to “can I move in tomorrow?” Things aren’t always smooth as silk, though. But that’s what makes each flip interesting, and why we want to share our projects with you.

At VD Lev, we share our flips and ask you to come along for the ride as we transform each new home. We also love to share helpful handy tips and décor advice. Let’s face it – not everyone has the passion or desire to flip homes. But we all want our homes to look and feel great. We want that, too. And we have quite a bit of experience in that department.

Since our first flip, we’ve added about a dozen more to our list, and hope to add a dozen more over the next few years. It’s a tough process – and exhausting. But we love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. The end result is always well worth the stress!

Thanks for stopping by VD Lev. We hope you find all the how-to advice, DIY projects, tips and tricks you need to transform your home into your own personal, unique space. Feel free to drop us a line sometime or leave us some helpful feedback.